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  • Authors must register their paper and submit an abstract, typically a paragraph or two, by October 11, 2013.
  • Authors must then submit full versions of registered papers by October 18, 2013.
  • All deadlines are end of day ANYWHERE ON EARTH.
  • Before submitting, review the information under WHAT/WHERE TO SUBMIT below.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that present original unpublished research in all areas of parallel and distributed processing, including the development of experimental or commercial systems. Work focusing on emerging technologies is especially welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Parallel and distributed algorithms, focusing on topics such as: numerical, combinatorial, and data-intensive parallel algorithms, scalability of algorithms and data structures for parallel and distributed systems, communication and synchronization protocols, network algorithms, scheduling, and load balancing.
  • Applications of parallel and distributed computing, including computational and data-enabled science and engineering, big data applications, parallel crowd sourcing, large-scale social network analysis, management of big data, cloud and grid computing, scientific and biomedical applications, and mobile computing. Papers focusing on applications using novel commercial or research architectures, big data approaches, or discussing scalability toward the exascale level are encouraged.
  • Parallel and distributed architectures, including architectures for instruction-level and thread-level parallelism; petascale and exascale systems designs; novel big data architectures; special purpose architectures, including graphics processors, signal processors, network processors, media accelerators, and other special purpose processors and accelerators; impact of technology on architecture; network and interconnect architectures; parallel I/O and storage systems; architecture of the memory hierarchy; power-efficient and green computing architectures; dependable architectures; and performance modeling and evaluation.
  • Parallel and distributed software, including parallel and multicore programming languages and compilers, runtime systems, operating systems, resource management including green computing, middleware for grids, clouds, and data centers, libraries, performance modeling and evaluation, parallel programming paradigms, and programming environments and tools. Papers focusing on novel software systems for big data and exascale systems are encouraged.

The program committee will nominate papers for recognition in several categories including the four conference topic areas and will consider other paper attributes that merit recognition from the conference. The four top best papers will be selected for presentation and the others will receive honorable mention in the conference program.

Submitted manuscripts may not exceed ten (10) single-spaced double-column pages using 10-point size font on 8.5x11 inch pages (IEEE conference style), including figures, tables, and references. See style templates for details:

IPDPS will again require submission of abstracts and registration of papers one week before the paper submission deadline without any late exceptions. The submission portal will be available in September.

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed. Submissions will be judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance, quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference scope. Submitted papers should NOT have appeared in or be under consideration for another conference, workshop or journal. Questions may be sent to PC2014@ipdps.org. Abstracts are due October 11, 2013 and full manuscripts must be received by October 18, 2013. This is a final, hard deadline; to ensure fairness, no extensions will be given. Notification of final decisions will be mailed by December 9, 2013, and camera-ready papers will be due February 01, 2014 February 07, 2014.


  • October 11, 2013: Registration of papers with abstracts will be accepted up to 11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth – required.
  • October 18, 2013: Submission of registered papers will be accepted up to 11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth – hard deadline, no extensions.
  • Author notification.....December 09, 2013
  • Camera-ready due.....February 01, 2014 February 07, 2014

David A. Bader (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)


  • Algorithms
    Anne BENOIT (ENS Lyon, France)
  • Applications
    Padma RAGHAVAN (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Architecture
    Yan SOLIHIN (North Carolina State University, USA)
  • Software
    Ron BRIGHTWELL (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

(16 December 2013*)

Tarek ABDELRAHMAN (University of Toronto) Canada
David ABRAMSON (The University of Queensland) Australia
Ahmad AFSAHI (Queen's University at Kingston) Canada
Orna AGMON BEN-YEHUDA (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Israel
Gagan AGRAWAL (The Ohio State University) USA
Kunal AGRAWAL (Washington University in St. Louis) USA
Emmanuel AGULLO (INRIA / LaBRI) France
Sayaka AKIOKA (Meiji University) USA
Sadaf ALAM (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) Switzerland
Shoukat ALI (IBM Research) Ireland
Srinivas ALURU (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Murali ANNAVARAM (University of Southern California) USA
Amy APON (Clemson) USA
Dorian ARNOLD (University of New Mexico) USA
Rafael ASENJO (University of Malaga) Spain
Eduard AYGUADÉ (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / BSC) Spain
Cevdet AYKANAT (Bilkent University) Turkey
Iris BAHAR (Brown University) USA
Zhaojun BAI (University of California, Davis) USA
Pavan BALAJI (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Evripidis BAMPIS (UPMC) France
Ioana BANICESCU (Mississippi State University) USA
Denis BARTHOU (University of Bordeaux - Labri / INRIA) France
Olivier BEAUMONT (Inria) France
Costas BEKAS (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory) Switzerland
Sonia BEN MOKHTAR (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique / LIRIS CNRS) France
Abhinav BHATELE (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Abhishek BHATTACHARJEE (Rutgers University) USA
Sanjukta BHOWMICK (University of Nebraska-Omaha) USA
Rajdeep BHOWMIK (Cisco Systems, Inc.) USA
Ganesh BIKSHANDI (Samsung R & D – SAIT, Bangalore) India
David BINDEL (Cornell University) USA
George BIROS (The University of Texas at Austin) USA
Amitava BISWAS (Cisco Systems) USA
Taisuke BOKU (University of Tsukuba) Japan
George BOSILCA (The University of Tennessee Knoxville) USA
Marin BOUGERET (LIRMM Montpellier) France
Aurelien BOUTEILLER (The University of Tennessee Knoxville) USA
Patrick BRIDGES (University of New Mexico) USA
Greg BRONEVETSKY (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Aydin BULUC (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) USA
Michael BURKE (Rice University) USA
Alfredo BUTTARI (CNRS - IRIT Toulouse) France
Gregory BYRD (North Carolina State University) USA
Kirk CAMERON (Virginia Tech) USA
Ramon CANAL (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) Spain
Jiannong CAO (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Hong Kong
Franck CAPPELLO (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Eddy CARON (ENS-Lyon) France
Vineet CHADHA (NVELO R&D, Samsung) USA
Hubert CHAN (The University of Hong Kong) Hong Kong
Hsi-Ya (Jerry) CHANG (National Center for High Performance Computing) Taiwan
Jichuan CHANG (Hewlett Packard) USA
Haibo CHEN (Shanghai Jiaotong University) P.R. China
Yifeng CHEN (Peking University) P.R. China
Yong CHEN (Texas Tech University) USA
ZiZhong CHEN (UC Riverside) USA
Chi-Yin CHOW (City University of Hong Kong) China
Edmond CHOW (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Rezaul A. CHOWDHURY (Stony Brook University) USA
Xiaowen CHU (Hong Kong Baptist University) Hong Kong
Florina Monica CIORBA (Technische Universität Dresden) Germany
Mark CLEMENT (Brigham Young University) USA
Toni CORTES (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) Spain
Ayse COSKUN (Boston University) USA
Lois CURFMAN McINNES (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Dilma DA SILVA (Qualcomm) USA
Anthony DANALIS (The University of Tennessee Knoxville) USA
Alain DARTE (CNRS, ENS Lyon) France
Reeturparna DAS (University of Michigan) USA
Sajal DAS (Missouri University of Science and Technology - Rolla) USA
Michel DAYDE (University of Toulouse - IRIT/INPT–ENSEEIHT) France
Bronis R. DE SUPINSKI (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Frederic DESPREZ (INRIA) France
Karen DEVINE (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Daniela DI SERAFINO (Second University of Naples) Italy
Lori DIACHIN (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
James DINAN (Intel) USA
Peter DINDA (Northwestern University) USA
Chen DING (University of Rochester) USA
Pierre-François DUTOT (University of Grenoble) France
Christian ENGELMANN (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) USA
Natalie ENRIGHT-JERGER (University of Toronto) Canada
Lionel EYRAUD-DUBOIS (INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest) France
Wu-chun FENG (Virginia Tech) USA
Xiaobing FENG (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) P.R. China
John FEO (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) USA
Kurt FERREIRA (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Liana FONG (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) USA
Basilio FRAGUELA (University of A Coruña) Spain
Pierre FRAIGNIAUD (CNRS and University Paris Diderot) France
Franz FRANCHETTI (Carnegie Mellon University) USA
Davide FREY (INRIA - Rennes Bretagne Atlantique) France
Xin FU (University of Kansas) USA
Grigori FURSIN (INRIA) France
Edgar GABRIEL (University of Houston) USA
Ana GAINARU (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
Efstratios GALLOPOULOS (University of Patras) Greece
Todd GAMBLIN (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Maria Jesus GARZARAN (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
Leszek GASIENIEC (University of Liverpool) United Kingdom
Bruno GAUJAL (INRIA) France
Cyril GAVOILLE (University of Bordeaux) France
Maya GOKHALE (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Alfredo GOLDMAN (USP) Brazil
Marc GONZALEZ (Technical University of Catalunya) Spain
Horacio GONZALEZ-VELEZ (National College of Ireland) Ireland
Manjunath GORENTLA VENKATA (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) USA
Ananth GRAMA (Purdue University) USA
Laura GRIGORI (INRIA) France
William GROPP (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
Yi GU (Middle Tennessee State University) USA
Isabelle GUÉRIN LASSOUS (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - LIP) France
Amina GUERMOUCHE (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) France
Rachid GUERRAOUI (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - EPFL) Switzerland
Minyi GUO (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) P.R. China
Anshul GUPTA (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) USA
Rajiv GUPTA (University of California, Riverside) USA
David HAGLIN (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) USA
Yuxiong HE (Microsoft Research) USA
Thomas HERAULT (The University of Tennessee Knoxville) USA
Torsten HOEFLER (ETH Zurich) Switzerland
Bo HONG (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Hung-Chang HSIAO (National Cheng Kung University) Taiwan
Chris HUGHES (Intel) USA
Marty HUMPHREY (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) USA
Costin IANCU (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) USA
Koji INOUE (Kyushu University) Japan
Francois IRIGOIN (MINES ParisTech/CRI) France
Kamil ISKRA (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Mathias JACQUELIN (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) USA
Vijay JANAPA REDDI (The University of Texas at Austin) USA
Emmanuel JEANNOT (INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest) France
Weirong JIANG (Xilinx) USA
Xiaowei JIANG (Intel) USA
Lizy Kurian JOHN (The University of Texas at Austin) USA
David KAELI (Northeastern University) USA
Helen KARATZA (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Greece
George KARYPIS (University of Minnesota) USA
Daniel S.KATZ (University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Kamer KAYA (The Ohio State University) USA
Rainer KELLER (Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart) Germany
Darren KERBYSON (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) USA
Christoph KESSLER (Linköping University) Sweden
Rishi KHAN (ET International, Inc.) USA
Thilo KIELMANN (Vrije Universiteit) The Netherlands
Eun Jung KIM (Texas A&M University) USA
John KIM (KAIST) Korea
Keiji KIMURA (Waseda University) Japan
Takeshi KODAKA (Toshiba) USA
Harald KOSCH (University of Passau) Germany
Sriram KRISHNAMOORTHY (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) USA
Sameer KUMAR (IBM Research) USA
John LANGE (University of Pittsburgh) USA
Julien LANGOU (University of Colorado Denver) USA
Hoang LE (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Byeong Kil LEE (Samsung) Korea
Jaejin LEE (Seoul National University) Korea
Jenq-Kuen LEE (National Tsing Hua University) Taiwan
Arnaud LEGRAND (CNRS - University of Grenoble) France
Pierre LEMARINIER (IBM Research) Ireland
Tao LI (Florida International University) USA
Xiaoming LI (University of Delaware) USA
Zhiyuan LI (Purdue University) USA
Fang LIU (Qualcomm) USA
Pangfeng LIU (National Taiwan University) Taiwan
Jay LOFSTEAD (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Ahmed LOURI (University of Arizona) USA
David LOWENTHAL (University of Arizona) USA
Steven LUMETTA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
Andrew LUMSDAINE (Indiana University) USA
Xiaosong MA (North Carolina State University) USA
Tony MACIEJEWSKI (Colorado State University) USA
Kamesh MADDURI (Pennsylvania State University) USA
Fredrik MANNE (University of Bergen) Norway
Pierre MANNEBACK (University of Mons) Belgium
Loris MARCHAL (CNRS) France
Tomàs MARGALEF (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) Spain
Satoshi MATSUOKA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Japan
Pat McCORMICK (Los Alamos National Laboratory) USA
Jean-François MÉHAUT (Grenoble University) France
Rami MELHEM (University of Pittsburgh) USA
Henning MEYERHENKE (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT) Germany
Sam MIDKIFF (Purdue University) USA
Asit MISHRA (Intel Labs) USA
Kathryn MOHROR (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Shirley MOORE (University of Texas at El Paso) USA
Christine MORIN (INRIA) France
J. Eliot B. MOSS (University of Massachusetts Amherst) USA
Kengo NAKAJIMA (The University of Tokyo) Japan
Sandeep NAVADA (Qualcom) USA
Angeles NAVARRO (University of Malaga) Spain
Esmond NG (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) USA
Jean-Marc NICOD (Femto-ST) France
Alex NICOLAU (University of California, Irvine) USA
Dimitrios NIKOLOPOULOS (Queen's University of Belfast) Ireland
Boyana NORRIS (University of Oregon) USA
Ron OLDFIELD (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Luke OLSON (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
David PADUA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) USA
Yunheung PAEK (Seoul National University) Korea
Dhabaleswar PANDA (The Ohio State University) USA
Santosh PANDE (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Ardavan PEDRAM (The University of Texas at Austin) USA
Jih-Kwon PEIR (University of Florida) USA
Salvador PETIT (Universitat Politècnica de València) Spain
Fabrizio PETRINI (IBM Research) USA
Laurent PHILIPPE (FEMTO-ST) France
Michael PHILIPPSEN (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) Germany
Cynthia PHILLIPS (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Ali PINAR (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Markus PÜSCHEL (ETH Zurich) Switzerland
Depei QIAN (Beihang University) P.R. China
Judy QIU (Indiana University at Bloomington) USA
Martin QUINSON (Université de Lorraine) France
Ioan RAICU (Illinois Institute of Technology) USA
Sanjay RAJOPADHYE (Colorado State University) USA
Thomas RAUBER (University Bayreuth) Germany
Lawrence RAUCHWERGER (Texas A&M University) USA
Veronika REHN-SONIGO (Femto-ST) France
Steve REINHARDT (YarcData / Cray) USA
Paul RENAUD-GOUD (Chalmers University of Technology) Sweden
Alistair RENDELL (The Australian National University) Australia
Seungmin RHO (Sungkyul University) Korea
Jason RIEDY (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Rolf RIESEN (IBM Research) Ireland
Herve RIVANO (Inria) France
Etienne RIVIERE (University of Neuchatel) Switzerland
Robert ROSS (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Christopher ROSSBACH (Microsoft Research) USA
Philip ROTH (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) USA
Gudula RÜNGER (Chemnitz University of Technology) Germany
Krzysztof RZADCA (University of Warsaw) Poland
Yogish SABHARWAL (IBM Research - India) India
P. SADAYAPPAN (The Ohio State University) USA
Subhash SAINI (NASA Ames Research Center) USA
Rizos SAKELLARIOU (University of Manchester) United Kingdom
Ahmad SAMIH (Intel) USA
Beverly SANDERS (University of Florida) USA
Peter SANDERS (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Germany
Karu SANKARALINGAM (University of Wisconsin at Madison) USA
Eunice SANTOS (University of Texas) USA
Smruti SARANGI (IIT Delhi) India
Erik SAULE (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) USA
Olaf SCHENK (University della Svizzera Italiana) Switzerland
Stefan SCHMID (T-Labs & TU Berlin) Germany
Martin SCHULZ (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Uwe SCHWIEGELSHOHN (TU Dortmund University) Germany
Pierre SENS (Université de Paris 6) France
John SHALF (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) USA
Zili SHAO (The Hongkong Polytechnic University) Hong Kong
Xipeng SHEN (College of William and Mary) USA
Sameer SHENDE (University of Oregon) USA
Weidong (Larry) SHI (University of Houston) USA
Yogesh SIMMHAN (University of Southern California) USA
Oliver SINNEN (University of Auckland) New Zealand
Magdalena SLAWINSKA (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
Fengguang SONG (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) USA
Matthew SOTTILE (Galois, Inc.) USA
Leonel SOUSA (INESC-ID / IST, University of Lisbon) Portugal
Evan SPEIGHT (IBM Austin Research Lab) USA
Ashok SRINIVASAN (Florida State) USA
Viji SRINIVASAN (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) USA
Dan STANZIONE (Texas Advanced Computing Center) USA
Andreas STATHOPOULOS (College of William and Mary) USA
Mark STILLWELL (Cranfield University) United Kingdom
Jaspal SUBHLOK (University of Houston) USA
Hiroyuki TAKIZAWA (Tohoku University) Japan
Guangming TAN (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) P.R. China
Wei TANG (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Keita TERANISHI (Sandia National Lab) USA
Douglas THAIN (University of Notre Dame) USA
Rajeev THAKUR (Argonne National Laboratory) USA
Samuel THIBAULT (LaBRI, University of Bordeaux 1) France
Devesh TIWARI (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) USA
Sivan TOLEDO (Tel-Aviv University) Israel
Jesper Larsson TRÄFF (Vienna University of Technology) Austria
Pedro TRANCOSO (University of Cyprus) Cyprus
Denis TRYSTRAM (Grenoble Institute of Technology) France
Philippas TSIGAS (Chalmers University of Technology) Sweden
Henry TUFO (University of Colorado at Boulder) USA
Bora UÇAR (CNRS and ENS Lyon) France
Sathish VADHIYAR (Indian Institute of Science) India
Marian VAJTERSIC (University of Salzburg) Austria
Alex VEIDENBAUM (University of California, Irvine) USA
Guru VENKATARAMANI (George Washington University) USA
Abhinav VISHNU (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) USA
Frédéric VIVIEN (INRIA) France
David WALKER (Cardiff University) United Kingdom
Cho-Li WANG (The University of Hong Kong) China
Dongsheng WANG (Tsinghua University) P.R. China
Long WANG (Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences) P.R. China
Xingwei WANG (Northeastern University) P.R. China
Patrick WIDENER (Sandia National Laboratories) USA
Robert WISNIEWSKI (Intel Corporation) USA
Weng-Fai WONG (National University of Singapore) Singapore
Carole-Jean WU (Arizona State University) USA
Jan-Jan WU (Academia Sinica) Taiwan
Peng WU (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) USA
Nong XIAO (National University of Defense Technology) P.R. China
Zhen XIAO (Peking University) P.R. China
Ulrike YANG (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) USA
Yi-Hua (Edward) YANG (Xilinx) USA
Qing YI (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) USA
Antonia ZHAI (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis) USA
Lixin ZHANG (Chinese Academy of Sciences) P.R. China
Rui ZHANG (IBM Research - Almaden) USA
Yunquan ZHANG (Chinese Academy of Sciences) P.R. China
Huiyang ZHOU (North Carolina State University) USA

(*Requests for corrections or changes should be sent to contact@ipdps.org)

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