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To HCW Colleagues:
We regret to report that Richard Frederick Freund died on January 26, 2007, a day before his 65th birthday. He was a founder of the first IPDPS workshop - Heterogeneous Computing Workshop - and was an early and long-standing contributor to the IPDPS event and the community of

computer scientists it serves. His scholarship and wit will be missed.

We encourage you to explore the many opportunities presented by our extensive and diverse schedule of technical sessions. IPDPS workshops - held on the first and last days - provide attendees an opportunity to explore special topics and are a major part of the IPDPS week-long family of events. Each workshop has its own requirements and schedule for submissions and all are linked from the IPDPS Web site. Below is the list of workshops planned for IPDPS 2007 in Long Beach, California.

Attendance at all of the IPDPS workshops, along with receipt of their proceedings, is included in the registration fee for IPDPS. There is no separate registration fee for individual workshops. Workshop papers are published in the same printed abstract volume and CD-ROM proceedings as the main conference.

The goal of the workshops is to present work that is more preliminary and cutting-edge or that has more practical content than the more mature research presented in the main symposium. The workshops also broaden the content of the week's presentations by extending the topics of interest beyond those of the main symposium. At the same time, they deepen the week's content by focusing on specific topics and bringing together a critical mass of researchers in their select areas.

Use the link below to visit the Web sites for details on workshops of particular interest.

1 HCW Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop
2 WPDRTS Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems
3 RAW Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop
4 HIPS-ToPMoDRS Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models & Supportive Environments
5 JAVAPDC International Workshop on Java and Components for Parallelism, Distribution and Concurrency
6 NIDISC Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed Computing
7 HiCOMB Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology
8 APDCM Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing Models
9 CAC Communication Architecture for Clusters
10 NSFNGS NSF Next Generation Software Program
11 HPPAC High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing
12 HPGC High Performance Grid Computing

13 PDSEC Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Scientific and Engineering Computing
14 PMEO-PDS Performance Modelling, Evaluation, and Optimisation of Parallel and Distributed Systems
15 DPDNS Dependable Parallel, Distributed and Network-Centric Systems
16 SSN International Workshop on Security in Systems and Networks
17 SMTPS Workshop on System Management Techniques, Processes, and Services
18 POHLL Performance Optimization for High-Level Languages and Libraries
19 HOTP2P Third International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-Peer Systems
20 PCGRID Workshop on Large-Scale, Volatile Desktop Grids
21 MTAAP Workshop on Multi-Threaded Architectures and Applications
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Burton Smith
Microsoft Corp.

Christopher Johnson

University of Utah

Michael J. Flynn

Stanford University

Mark Seager

Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Umesh Vazirani
UC Berkeley

March 2, 2007
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March 5, 2007
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March 26-30, 2007
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