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Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) to Host Future IPDPS

The IPDPS Steering Committee will consider EOI to host future events including IPDPS
2025 and beyond. Following the usual IPDPS rotation of locations (twice in the US
followed by an international location), IPDPS 2024 will be held in the US while the 2025
event is planned be held outside the US. EOI must be from active researchers, not from
conference management entities. Proposers must have had previous IPDPS experience (for example, participant in the meeting, volunteer at the meeting including serving on the
program committee, etc.). Selected EOI will be asked to submit further details and will be
advised in its preparation. EOI should be brief (three to five pages) and should contain
information on:

  • the site (local infrastructure, hotels to consider that can accommodate IPDPS
    requirements and travel connections),
  • the organization team (the general chair(s) and key volunteers, their experience in
    running major conferences, their prior experience with IPDPS, their research
    experience in topics of interest to IPDPS). May also suggest program chair
    candidates, but is not required to do so, and
  • key budget items (including room rates, meeting space cost, etc.).

The steering committee will also discuss and finalize a program chair(s) for the meeting(s). EOI must be self-contained (no external links to shared info.) and submitted in electronic form to

EOI may include, as appendices, brochures or other printed material concerning the locale and conference facilities, if these are available. IEEE will negotiate with the proposed hotel(s) directly. EOI will be evaluated using the following criteria:

    • Economic viability
    • Academic reputation of key volunteers
    • Level of commitment
    • Transport and accessibility
    • Maintaining a balance between different locations
    • Experience of the organizers in hosting international conferences

IPDPS is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in all of its activities, and aims to
recruit volunteers representative of the diversity of the research community. For
information - people, places, and programs - see conference archives.

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