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This activity was initiated at IPDPS 2004 and building on that experience will be offered again this year. These are informal sessions in which a group of researchers can gather for discussions on a topic of mutual interest.

BOF space will be available early in the evening and a typical BOF session will last one to two hours. We'll provide the space, you provide the topic and gather the people. You may reserve space in advance by contacting the General Vice Chair Charles Weems at weems@cs.umass.edu. You may also schedule a spontaneous BOF on-site if you encounter a group with common interests while at the conference.

Sessions that are reserved in advance will be posted on the IPDPS web site and can be linked to a BOF announcement web page. The goal of IPDPS and the TCPP for the BOF sessions is to encourage new collaborations and research directions, to inspire educational initiatives and the formation of standards groups, and to nurture the development of new workshop proposals and other initiatives and interactions within our community.

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