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1 HCW Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
2 PDRTS Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems
3 HIPS Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models & Supportive Environments
4 JPDC Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distributed Computing
5 NIDISC Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed Computing
6 HiCOMB Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology
7 APDCM Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computational Models
8 RAW Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop
9 CAC Workshop on Communication Architecture for Clusters
10 NGS Next Generation Systems Program Workshop (PDF)

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Morning, Tutorial 1
Introduction to Performance Tools Development: Build Your Own Tools!

Afternoon, Tutorial 2
Object-Oriented Middleware and Components for the Grid: Java, Corba
Techniques and Tools
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All Symposium Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Francine Berman, UCSD
Chair: Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee




Session 1 -- Software: Grid and Distributed Computing
Chair: Jennifer Schopf

327: Padico: A Component-Based Software Infrastructure for Grid Computing 
Alexandre Denis, Christian Perez, Thierry Priol, and Andre Ribes

400: Malleable Memory Mapping: User-Level Control of Memory Bounds for Effective Adaptation 
Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos

264: Constrained Component Deployment in Wide-Area Networks using AI Planning Techniques
Tatiana Kichkaylo, Anca Ivan, and Vijay Karamcheti

204: HiDISC: A Decoupled Architecture for Data-Intensive Applications 
Won W. Ro, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Stephen P. Crago, and Alvin M. Despain

312: A Log(n) Multi-Mode Locking Protocol for Distributed Systems 
Nirmit Desai and Frank Mueller

Session 2 -- Algorithms: Scheduling Task Systems
H.J. Siegel

45: On Scheduling Collaborative Computations on the Internet, I: Mesh-Dags and Their Close Relatives
Arnold L. Rosenberg

114: Task Clustering and Scheduling to Multiprocessors with Duplication
Li Guodong, Chen Daoxu, and Zhang Defu

184: A Compilation Framework for Distributed Memory Parallelization of Data Mining Algorithms
Xiaogang Li, Ruoming Jin, and Gagan Agrawal

206: Novel Algorithms for Open-loop and Closed-loop Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems Based on Execution Time Estimation
A. Al-Omari, G. Manimaran, M.V. Salapaka, and A.K. Somani

334: Global Priority-Driven Aperiodic Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Bjorn Andersson, Jan Jonsson, and Tarek Abdelzaher

338: Partitioned Aperiodic Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Bjorn Andersson, Jan Jonsson, and Tarek Abdelzaher

Session 3 -- Architecture: Shared-Memory Multiprocessors 
Chair: Thomas Stricker

250: The Coherence Predictor Cache: A Resource-Efficient and Accurate Coherence Prediction Infrastructure
Jim Nilsson, Anders Landin, and Per Stenström

53: Active Memory Techniques for ccNUMA Multiprocessors
Daehyun Kim, Mainak Chaudhuri, and Mark Heinrich

159: Speculative Lock Reordering: Optimistic Out-of-Order Execution of Critical Sections
Peter Rundberg and Per Stenström

394: So Many States, So Little Time: Verifying Memory Coherence in the Cray SV2
Dennis Abts, Steve Scott, and David Lilja

286: Miss Penalty Reduction Using Bundled Capacity Prefetching in Multiprocessors
Dan Wallin and Erik Hagersten

310: Improving Speculative Thread-Level Parallelism Through Module Run-Length Prediction
Fredrik Warg and Per Stenström

Session 4 -- Applications: Imaging and Visualization
Chair: Subhash Saini

38: A Divided-Screenwise Hierarchical Compositing for Sort-Last Parallel Volume Rendering
Fumihiko Ino, Tomomitu Sasaki, Akira Takeuchi, and Kenichi Hagihara

237: Parallel Algorithm Based on a Frequential Decomposition for Dynamic 3D Computed Tomography
Thomas Rodet, Laurent Desbat, and Pierre Grangeat

295: Interactive Imaging Science on Parallel Computers: Getting Immediate Results
Kenneth A. Perrine and Donald R. Jones

416: Distributed Geo-rectification of Satellite Images using Grid Computing
Y.M. Teo, S.C. Tay, and J.P. Gozali

97: Distributed P2P Computing within Triana: A Galaxy Visualization Test Case
Ian Taylor, Matthew Shields, Ian Wang, and Roger Philp

344: A Computational Strategy for the Solution of Large Linear Inverse Problems in Geophysics
Osni Marques, Don Vasco, and Tony Drummond





Grid Computing

Moderator: David Walker, Cardiff University

Panel Members:
 ­ Francine Berman, UCSD/SDSC
 ­ Frederic Desprez, ENS Lyon
 ­ Bill Gropp, Argonne National Lab
 ­ Craig Lee, Aerospace Corp.



MPI Programming

Moderator: Al Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Panel Members:
­ Denis Caromel, University Nice Sophia Antipolis, 
­ Guang Gao, University of Delaware
­ Bill Gropp, Argonne National Lab
­ Mitsuhisa Sato, University of Tsukuba




Session 5 -- Software: Performance Analysis and Real-Time Systems
Chair: Fabrizio Petrini

343: MUSE: A Software Oscilloscope for Clusters and Grids
Michael Broxton, Adam Engelhart, Mark K. Gardner, and Wu-chun Feng

265: Performance Analysis of Distributed Search in Open Agent Systems
V.V. Dimakopoulos and E. Pitoura

100: Parametric Time-Based Dispatching in CORBA Distributed Environments
Sameh M. Elsharkawy and Ashok K. Agrawala

335: Energy Aware Scheduling for Distributed Real-Time Systems
Ramesh Mishra, Namrata Rastogi, Dakai Zhu, Daniel Mosse, and Rami Melhem

Session 6 -- Algorithms: Scheduling for Heterogeneous Resources
Chair: Arnold Rosenberg

11: Allocating Servers in Infostations for On-Demand Communications
Bertossi, Pinotti, Rizzi, and Gupta

70: UMR: A Multi-Round Algorithm for Scheduling Divisible Workloads
Yang Yang and Henri Casanova 

73: GHS: A Performance Prediction and Task Scheduling System for Grid Computing
Xian-He Sun and Ming Wu

236: Master-slave tasking on heterogeneous processors
Dutot Pierre-Francois

274: Autonomous Protocols for Bandwidth-Centric Scheduling of Independent-task Applications
Barbara Kreaseck, Larry Carter, Henri Casanova, and Jeanne Ferrante

340: A Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for hierarchical ASP on the Grid
Eddy Caron, Frédéric Desprez, Franck Petit, and Vincent Villain

Session 7 -- Architecture: Networking
Chair: D.K. Panda

373: An Evaluation of Current High-Performance Networks
Christian Bell, Dan Bonachea, Yannick Cote, Jason Duell, Paul Hargrove, Parry Husbands, Costin Iancu, Michael Welcome, and Katherine Yelick

229: Performance of Distributed Algorithms for Topology Control in Wireless Networks
Stefan Ruehrup, Christian Schindelhauer, Klaus Volbert, and Matthias Gruenewald

183: A Generic Broadcasting Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks Based on Self-Pruning
Jie Wu and Fei Dai

196: Peer-to-Peer Architectures for Scalable, Efficient and Reliable Media Services
Vana Kalogeraki, Alex Delis, and Dimitrios Gunopulos

111: Sparse WDM Optical Interconnects under Wavelength-Based Model
Yuanyuan Yang and Jianchao Wang

384: Leveraging Block Decisions and Aggregation in the ShareStreams QoS Architecture
Raj Krishnamurthy, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Karsten Schwan, and Richard West

Session 8 -- Applications: Peer-to-Peer and Mobile Computing
Chair: Ian Taylor

412: Transparent Query Caching in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks
Sunil Patro and Y. Charlie Hu

323: Peer-to-Peer over Ad-Hoc Networks: (Re)Configuration Algorithms
Fernanda Paixao Franciscani, Marisa Affonso Vasconcelos, Rainer Ronnie Pereira Couto, and Antonio Alfredo Ferreira Loureiro

58: Bristle: A Mobile Structured Peer-to-Peer Architecture
Hung-Chang Hsiao

172: Energy and Performance Considerations in Work Partitioning for Mobile Spatial Queries
Sudhanva Gurumurthi, Ning An, Anand Sivasubramaniam, N. Vijaykrishnan, Mahmut Kandemir, and Mary Jane Irwin

198: Energy-Aware Compilation and Execution in Java-Enabled Mobile Devices
G. Chen, B. Kang, M. Kandemir, N. Vijaykrishnan, M.J. Irwin, and R. Chandramouli

151: A General Framework for Searching in Distributed Data Repositories
Spiridon Bakiras, Panos Kalnis, Thanasis Loukopoulos, and Wee Siong Ng

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All Symposium Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota
Chair: Yves Robert, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon




Session 9 -- Software: Compiler Technology and Run-time Systems
Chair: Y. Charlie Hu

306: Exploring the Use of Hyper-Threading Technology for Multimedia Applications with Intel OpenMP Compiler
Xinmin Tian, Yen-Kuang Chan, Milind Girkar, Steven Ge, Rainer Lienhart, and Sanjiv Shah

296: Extending OpenMP to Support Slipstream Execution Mode
Khaled Z. Ibrahim and Gregory T. Byrd

201: Optimal Skewed Tiling for Cache Locality Enhancement
Zhiyuan Li

324: Global Communication Optimization for Tensor Contraction Expressions under Memory Constraints
Daniel Cociorva, Xiaoyang Gao, Sandhya Krishnan, Gerald Baumgartner, Chi-Chung Lam, P. Sadayappan, and J. Ramanujam

256: Application/Kernel Cooperation Towards the Efficient Execution of Shared-memory Parallel Java Codes
Jordi Guitart, Xavier Martorell, Jordi Torres, and Eduard Ayguad

72: Dynamically Loaded Classes as Shared Libraries: an Approach to Improving Virtual Machine Scalability
Bernard Wong, Grzegorz Czajkowski, and Laurent Daynes

10 -- Algorithms: Load Balancing
Chair: Luc Bougé

62: Coupling Dynamic Load Balancing with Asynchronism in Iterative Algorithms on the Computational Grid
Jacques M. Bahi, Sylvain Contassot-Vivier, and Raphaël Couturier

80: A Generic Scheme for Building Overlay Networks in Adversarial Scenarios
Ittai Abraham, Baruch Awerbuch, Yossi Azar, Yair Bartal, Dahlia Malkhi, and Elan Pavlov

90: Dynamic Load Balancing of an Iterative Eigensolver on Networks of Heterogeneous Clusters
James R. McCombs, Richard Tran Mills, and Andreas Stathopoulos

168: One-Step Algorithm for Mixed Data and Task Parallel Scheduling Without Data Replication
Vincent Boudet, Frederic Desprez, and Frederic Suter

273: Definition of a Robustness Metric for Resource Allocation
Shoukat Ali, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Howard Jay Siegel, and Jong-Kook Kim

385: Homeostatic and Tendency-based CPU Load Predictions
Lingyun Yang, Ian Foster, and Jennifer M. Schopf

Session 1
1 -- Architecture: Network Routing
Chair: Mark Heinrich

317: Supporting Fully Adaptive Routing in InfiniBand Networks
J.C. Martinez, J. Flich, A. Robles, P. Lopez, and J. Duato

386: A Cluster-Based Active Router Architecture Supporting Video/Audio Stream Transcoding Service
Jiani Guo, Fang Chen, Laxmi Bhuyan and Raj Kumar

227: A Zero Cost Fault Tolerant Packet Routing for Parallel Computers
V. Puente, J.A. Gregorio, R. Beivide, and F. Vallejo

375: BLAM : A High-Performance Routing Algorithm for Virtual Cut-Through Networks
Mithuna Thottethodi, Alvin Lebeck, and Shubhendu Mukherjee 

332: VOQsw: A Methodology to Reduce HOL Blocking in InfiniBand Networks
M.E. Gomez, J. Flich, A. Robles, P. Lopez, and J. Duato

415: Efficient Collective Operations using Remote Memory Operations on VIA-Based Clusters
Rinku Gupta, Pavan Balaji, Dhabaleswar Panda, and Jarek Nieplocha

Session 1
2 -- Applications: Grid and Distributed Computing
Chair: Serge Chaumette

152: Dynamic Organization Schemes for Cooperative Proxy Caching
Spiridon Bakiras, Thanasis Loukopoulos, and Ishfaq Ahmad

322: Quantifying Locality Effect in Data Access Delay: Memory log
PKirk W. Cameron and Xian-He Sun

43: Orientation Refinement of Virus Structures with Unknown Symmetry
Yongchang Ji, Dan C. Marinescu, Wei Zhang, and Timothy S. Baker

161: Agent-Based Grid Load Balancing Using Performance-Driven Task Scheduling
Junwei Cao, Daniel P. Spooner, Stephen A. Jarvis, Subhash Saini, and Graham R. Nudd

239: A Grid-Enabled Problem Solving Environment (PSE) for Design Optimisation within Matlab
G.E. Pound, M.H. Eres, J.L. Wason, Z. Jiao, S.J. Cox, and A.J. Keane

379: Implementation and Characterization of Protein Folding on a Desktop Computational Grid - Is CHARMM a suitable candidate for the United Devices MetaProcessor?
Bennet Uk, Michela Taufer, Thomas Stricker, Gianni Settanni, and Andrea Cavalli




Session 13 -- Software: Parallel Programming Models
Chair: Eduard Ayguade

192: Using the Common Component Architecture to Design High Performance Scientific Simulation Codes
Sophia Lefantzi, Jaideep Ray, and Habib Najm

186: A Java Dialect Free of Data Races and Without Annotations
Luis Mateu

76: Topological Skeletons in Haskell
Francisco Heron de Carvalho Junior and Rafael Dueire Lins

399: The Generic Message Passing Framework
Lie-Quan Lee and Andrew Lumsdaine

371: A Framework for Portable Shared Memory Programming
Martin Schulz and Sally A. McKee

131: Task Pool Teams for Implementing Irregular Algorithms on Clusters of SMPs
Judith Hippold and Gudula Rünger

Session 1
4 -- Algorithms: Parallel Algorithms
Chair: Frédéric Desprez

110: Routing on Meshes in Optimum Time and with Really Small Queues
Bogdan S. Chlebus and Jop F. Sibeyn

120: Parallel Tabu Search in a Heterogeneous Environment
Ahmad Al-Yamani, Sadiq M. Sait, Habib Youssef, and Hassan Barada

135: A BSP/CGM Algorithm for the All-Substrings Longest Common Subsequence Problem
C.E.R. Alves, E.N. Caceres, and S.W. Song

216: An Optimal Algorithm for Online Reorganization of Replicated Data
R.J. Honicky and Ethan L. Miller

305: Vectorization of Multigrid Codes using SIMD ISA Extensions
C. García, R. Lario, M. Prieto, L. Pińuel, and F. Tirado

308: Short Vector Code Generation for the Discrete Fourier Transform
Franz Franchetti and Markus Püschel

Session 1
5 -- Architecture: Scheduling and Storage
Chair: Pascal Sainrat

275: The Maximal Utilization of Processor Co-Allocation in Multicluster Systems
A.I.D. Bucur, and D.H.J. Epema

169: A GRASP-based algorithm for solving DVE partitioning problem
Pedro Morillo and Marcos Fernandez

162: A Hierarchical Sparse Matrix Storage Format for Vector Processors
Pyrrhos Stathis, Stamatis Vassiliadis, and Sorin Cotofana

52: A Log-Based Write-Back Mechanism for Cooperative Caching
Srivatsan Narasimhan, Sohum Sohoni, and Yiming Hu

Session 1
6 -- Applications: Parallel and Distributed Performance
Chair: Simon Cox

188: An Analysis of Performance Enhancement Techniques for Overset Grid Applications
M.J. Djomehri, R. Biswas, M. Potsdam, and R.C. Strawn

179: A Comparison Between the Earth Simulator and AlphaServer Systems using Predictive Application Performance Models
Darren J. Kerbyson, Adolfy Hoisie, and Harvey J. Wasserman

91: Using a Parallel CFD Code for Evaluation of Clusters and MPPs
Oleg Bessonov, Dominique Fougere, and Bernard Roux

353: A Framework for Dynamic Performance Instrumentation of Large-Scale MPI and OpenMP Applications
Christian Thiffault, Michael Voss, Steven T. Healey, and Seon Wook Kim

175: Impact of Data Distribution, Level of Parallelism and Communication Frequency on Parallel Data Cube Construction
Ge Yang, Ruoming Jin, and Gagan Agrawal

102: Scalability of a Low-Cost Multi-Teraflop Linux Cluster for High-End Classical Atomistic and Quantum Mechanical Simulations
Hideaki Kikuchi, Rajiv K. Kalia, Aiichiro Nakano, Priya Vashishta, Fuyuki Shimojo, and Subhash Saini





Active Memory: Micron's Yukon
Graham Kirsch, Micron Technology, Inc.

A New Approach to Configurable Dynamic Scheduling in Clusters Based on Single System Image Technologies
Geoffroy Vallée, EDF R&D
Christine Morin, IRISA/INRIA
Jean-Yves Berthou, EDF R&D 
Louis Rilling, ENS Cachan/IRISA

ClusterWorX®: A Framework to Manage Large Clusters Effectively
Thomas M. Warschko, Linux Networx Inc.

mmGrid: Distributed Resource Management Infrastructure for Multimedia Applications
Sujoy Basu, HP Labs - Palo Alto 
Sameer Adhikari, HP Labs - Palo Alto/Georgia Tech 
Raj Kumar, HP Labs - Palo Alto 
Yong Yan, HP Labs - Palo Alto 
Roland Hochmuth, Workstation Global BU -HP - Fort Collins 
Bruce E. Blaho, Workstation Global BU -HP - Fort Collins 

A View on Relational Data on the Grid
James Magowan, IBM
FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2002
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All Symposium Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Per Stenstrom, Chalmers University
Chair: Josep Torrellas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign





Session 17 - Software: Software for High Performance Clusters
Chair: Wu Feng

396: On the Appropriateness of Commodity Operating Systems for Large-Scale, Balanced Computing Systems
Ron Brightwell, Arthur B. Maccabe, and Rolf Riesen

220: Improving MPI-IO Output Performance with Active Buffering Plus Threads
Xiaosong Ma, Marianne Winslett, Jonghyun Lee, and Shengke Yu

278: A Framework for Collective Personalized Communication
L.V. Kale, Sameer Kumar, and Krishnan Vardarajan

354: Exploring the Predictability of MPI Messages
Felix Freitag, Jordi Caubet, Montse Farrera, Toni Cortes, and Jesus Labarta

25: Fault-Tolerant Multi-Server Video-on-Demand Service
Roy Friedman, Lior Baram, and Shiri Abarbanel

207: Parallel ROLAP Data Cube Construction On Shared-Nothing Multiprocessors
Ying Chen, Frank Dehne, Todd Eavis, and Andrew Rau-Chaplin

Session 18 - Algorithms: Decentralized Algorithms 
Chair: Henri Casanova

118: Distributed Scheduling Algorithms for Wavelength Convertible WDM Optical Interconnects
Zhenghao Zhang and Yuanyuan Yang

133: Tornado: Capability-Aware Peer-to-Peer Storage Networks
Hung-Chang Hsiao and Chung-Ta King

261: Efficient Agent-based Multicast on Wormhole Switch-based Irregular Networks
Yih-Fang Lin, Pangfeng Liu, and Jan-Jan Wu

383: An Extended Link Reversal Protocol with Distance Information in Dynamic Networks
Jie Wu and Fei Dai

397: Anonymous Publish/Subscribe in P2P Networks
A.K. Datta, M. Gradinariu, M. Raynal, and G. Simon

404: Fault-tolerant and Energy-efficient Permutation Routing Protocol for Wireless Networks
Amitava Datta

Session 19 - Architecture: Multithreading and VLIW 
Chair: Per Stenstrom

287: Exploiting Java-ILP on a Simultaneous Multi-Trace instruction Issue (SMTI) Processor
R. Achutharaman, R. Govindarajan, G. Hariprakash, and Amos R. Omondi

315: Using Incorrect Speculation to Prefetch Data in a Concurrent Multithreaded Processor
Ying Chen, Resit Sendag, and David J. Lilja

228: Hierarchical Clustered Register File Organization for VLIW Processors
Javier Zalamea, Josep Llosa, Eduard Ayguade, and Mateo Valero

290: Dynamic Scheduling Issues in SMT Architectures
Chulho Shin, Seong-Won Lee, and Jean-Luc Gaudiot

269: SoCBUS: Switched network on chip for hard real time embedded systems
Daniel Wiklund and Dake Liu

2: Instruction-Level Distributed Processing for Symmetric-Key Cryptography
A.J. Elbirt and Christof Paar

Session 20 - Applications: Algorithms and Applications 
Chair: Rizos Sakellariou

178: Parallel Multilevel Block ILU Preconditioning Techniques for Large Sparse Linear Systems
Chi Shen, Jun Zhang, and Kai Wang

279: Performance Analysis of Multilevel Parallel Applications on Shared Memory Architectures
Gabriele Jost, Haoqiang Jin, Jesus Labarta, Judit Gimenez, and Jordi Caubet

298: Exploiting Functional Decomposition for Efficient Parallel Processing of Multiple Data Analysis Queries
Henrique Andrade, Tahsin Kurc, Alan Sussman, and Joel Saltz

24: Improved Methods for Divisible Load Distribution on k-dimensional Meshes Using Pipelined Communications
Keqin Li

242: Design and Evaluation of a Parallel HOP Clustering Algorithm for Cosmological Simulation
Ying Liu, Wei-keng Liao, and Alok Choudhary

342: On the memory usage of a parallel multifrontal solver
Abdou Guermouche and Jean-Yves L'Excellent, and Gil Utard




Chair: David Walker

214: Fast Collective Operations Using Shared and Remote Memory Access Protocols on Clusters
V. Tipparaju, J. Nieplocha, and D.K. Panda

313: Fast and Lock-Free Concurrent Priority Queues for Multi-Thread Systems
Hĺkan Sundell and Philippas Tsigas

101: A Web Service-based Experiment Management System for the Grid
Thomas Fahringer and Thomas Radu Prodan

190: Flexible CoScheduling: Mitigating Load Imbalance and Improving Utilization of Heterogeneous Resources
Eitan Frachtenberg, Dror G. Feitelson, Fabrizio Petrini, and Juan Fernandez





An Architecture for Distributed Applications on the Internet: Overview of Microsoft's .NET Platform
Dan Fay, Microsoft Research

Web Services: Control Meets Collaboration
Cristina Buchholz, SAP Labs France AG

Medical Simulation Services via the Grid
Guy Lonsdale, NEC Europe Ltd.

Technical Computing Portal
Dominique Merle, SUN France

Friday Evening - Symposium Banquet
 ­ Open to all IPDPS 2003 registrants
 ­ Place & time to be announced

Invited Speaker: Thomas Sterling, JPL/Caltech
Chair: John Mellor-Crummey, Rice University
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Open to all IPDPS registrants

11 FTPDS Workshop on Fault-Tolerant Parallel and Distributed Systems
12 WMAN Workshop on Wireless, Mobile, and Ad Hoc Networks
13 PDIVM Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Image Processing, Video Processing, and Multimedia
14 FMPP Workshop on Formal Methods for Parallel Programming
15 ICEC Workshop on Internet Computing and E-commerce
16 PDSECA Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Scientific and Engineering Computing with Applications
17 MPP Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing
18 PMEO Workshop on Modeling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Systems
19 MPCAS Workshop on Massively Parallel Computer Aided Surgery
20 PADTAD Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Testing and Debuggi

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Full Day, Tutorial 3
Programming in the Distributed Shared-memory Model

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