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IPDPS 2002 will be held at Ft. Lauderdale Marina Marriott, April 15-19, 2002

Anyone interested in organizing a new workshop to accompany IPDPS 2002 should contact Chip Weems. Proposals for new workshops are due by June 15, 2001. The proposal should take the form of a preliminary call for papers, listing the title, organizers, topics of interest and scope of the workshop, and a list of potential program committee members. A plan for publicizing the workshop to achieve a viable number of paper submissions should also be described.

Workshop proposers are asked to review the set of topics addressed by current IPDPS workshops and the IPDPS Symposium and to craft their proposal's focus to avoid duplication. Care should also be take to avoid overlap with competing conferences and workshops that might limit the potential for success of the new workshop.

Organizing a workshop in association with IPDPS offers many advantages. These include provision of meeting space, publication of proceedings by IEEE CS Press, audiovisual support, break refreshments, publicity, local arrangements management, production support, attendee registration, and the opportunity to hold your workshop in a synergistic setting among hundreds of researchers from different areas of the parallel and distributed processing communities. By joining ranks with our family of workshops, you are freed to focus on assembling your program, and we take care of the rest.

Send questions and comments to info@ipdps.org
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