Dear Author,
Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper for publication in the
proceedings of IPPS/SPDP '99 (13th International Parallel Processing
Symposium and 10th Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing),
scheduled to be held April 12-April 16, 1999, in San Juan, Puerto
Rico.  (For more information please see the following WWW pages:
Please note: You are an INDUSTRIAL TRACK paper author. The maximum
page length for your paper is six (6) pages.
Please send your paper as a postscript file via ftp to the following
ftp site:
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              go to> /pub/incoming/cspress/ipps99/
Please follow the naming convention of the first author's last name as
the file name. For instance, John Smith's paper would be named
<>. And, importantly, fax your signed IEEE Copyright Release
form to: Bob Werner, IPPS99, 714-761-1784. If you do not have access
to a fax machine, please send a hardcopy of the form to
Bob Werner
IEEE Computer Society
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Los Alamitos, CA  90720
The copyright release form is appended below.
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COPYRIGHT release - print out the form below, fill it out COMPLETELY
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signed IEEE Copyright Release form to Bob Werner. (See above for
details on where the form must be sent.)
ELECTRONIC ABSTRACT of your paper - Only e-mailed abstracts will be
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takes some time to set up this account, please do not send the
abstract before the paper due date. Allow at least 2 weeks after the
paper due date to send your abstract.
REPRINTS - Print out the electronic form in the attachment and use it
if you wish to order reprints.
CDROM submission - You are also required to submit another electronic
version of your paper separately for the conference CDROM.  Make sure
to submit an identical copy. The deadline for CDROM is submission is
also January 25. Please see the web page for further details including
instructions for workshop submissions.
Thank you,
Bob Werner
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