IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium

Technical Committee on
Parallel Processing

IPDPS 2006 Call For Papers

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that present original unpublished research in all areas of parallel and distributed processing, including the development of experimental or commercial systems. Work focusing on emerging technologies is especially welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Parallel and distributed algorithms, focusing on issues such as: stability, scalability, and fault tolerance of distributed systems, communication and synchronization protocols, network algorithms, and scheduling and load balancing.
  • Applications of parallel and distributed computing, including web applications, peer-to-peer computing, grid computing, scientific applications, and mobile computing.
  • Parallel and distributed architectures, including shared memory, distributed memory (including petascale system designs, and architectures with instruction-level and thread-level parallelism), special-purpose models (including signal and image processors, network processors, other special purpose processors), nontraditional processor technologies, network and interconnect architecture, parallel I/O and storage systems, system design issues for low power, design for high reliability, and performance modeling and evaluation.
  • Parallel and distributed software, including parallel programming languages and compilers, runtime systems, operating systems, resource management, middleware, libraries, data mining, and programming environments and tools.

Awards will be given for one best paper in each of the four conference technical tracks: algorithms, applications, architectures, and software. The selected papers also will be considered for possible publication in a special issue of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing.

Submitted manuscripts may not exceed 15 single-spaced pages using 12-point size font on 8.5x11 inch pages, including figures, tables, and references. Authors may submit additional material as an appendix to their submission, but there is no guarantee that this material will influence the review process. Files should be submitted in PDF format. Authors must ensure that electronically submitted files are formatted for 8.5x11 inch paper.

  • Authors who have e-mail access, but not web access, should send an e-mail message to for an automatic reply that will contain detailed instructions for submission of manuscripts. They should also contact the Program Chair at:
  • Authors who have no electronic access (e-mail or web) should contact the Program Chair at: Department of Computer Science; University of Massachusetts Amherst; Amherst, MA 01003, USA.

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed. Submissions will be judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance, quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference scope. Submitted papers may NOT have appeared in, nor be under consideration for, another conference or workshop, nor for a journal. Manuscripts must be received by October 7, 2005, by 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (extended by 1 week to October 14th). This is a final, hard deadline; to ensure fairness, no extensions will be given. Notification of review decisions will be mailed by December 9, 2005 (typically electronically). Camera-ready papers will be due January 21, 2006.

Arnold L. Rosenberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

   Mikhail J. Atallah, Purdue University, USA

   David A. Bader, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

   Allan Gottlieb, New York University, USA

   Laxmikant Kale, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Gagan AGRAWAL (Ohio State) USA
Ishfaq AHMAD (U. Texas/Arlington) USA
Shoukat ALI (U. Missouri/Rolla) USA
Nancy AMATO (Texas A&M) USA
Hagit ATTIYA (The Technion) Israel
Eduard AYGUADÉ (U. Politècnica de Catalunya) Spain
Olivier BEAUMONT (U. Bordeaux) France
Pete BECKMAN (Argonne National Lab.) USA
Michael BENDER (SUNY/Stony Brook) USA
Azzedine BOUKERCHE (U. Ottawa) Canada
David BROOKS (Harvard) USA
Doug BURGER (U. Texas/Austin) USA
Rajkumar BUYYA (U. Melbourne) Australia
Franck CAPPELLO (INRIA) France
Nikos CHRISOCHOIDES (Coll. of William & Mary) USA
Guojing CONG (IBM TJ Watson Research Center) USA
Toni CORTES (U. Politècnica de Catalunya) Spain
Karen DEVINE (Sandia National Lab.) USA
Guy EVEN (Tel-Aviv U.) Israel
Rainer FELDMANN (U. Paderborn) Germany
Wu-chun FENG (Los Alamos National Lab.) USA
John FEO (Cray Inc.) USA
Alfredo FERRO (U. Catania) Italy
Pierre FRAIGNIAUD (U. Paris-Sud) France
Mark A. FRANKLIN (Washington U.) USA
Efstratios GALLOPOULOS (U. Patras) Greece
Guang GAO (U. Delaware) USA
John GAROFALAKIS (U. Patras & CTI) Greece
James R. GOODMAN (U. Auckland) NZ
Ananth GRAMA (Purdue) USA
Attila GURSOY (Koc U.) Turkey
Kei HIRAKI (U. Tokyo) Japan
Hiroshi IMAI (U. Tokyo) Japan
Mary Jane IRWIN (Penn State) USA
Emmanuel JEANNOT (U. H. Poincaré Nancy-l & INRIA) France
Christos KAKLAMANIS (U. Patras) Greece
George KARYPIS (U. Minnesota) USA
Konrad LAI (Intel Labs) USA
Hyunyoung LEE (U. Denver) USA
Kai LI (Princeton) USA
Keqin LI (SUNY/New Paltz) USA
David LOWENTHAL (U. Georgia) USA
Paul LU (U. Alberta) Canada
Andrew LUMSDAINE (Indiana U.) USA
Xiaosong MA (North Carolina State & ORNL) USA
Grzegorz MALEWICZ (U. Alabama) USA
Allen D. MALONY (U. Oregon) USA
Bernard MANS (Macquarie Univ.) Australia
Satoshi MATSUOKA (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Japan
Sally A. MCKEE (Cornell) USA
Celso MENDES (U. Illinois) USA
Ulrich MEYER (Max Planck Inst.) Germany
Russ MILLER (SUNY/Buffalo) USA
Michael O'BOYLE (U. Edinburgh) UK
Kunle OLUKOTUN (Stanford) USA
Marios PAPAEFTHYMIOU (U. Michigan) USA
Manish PARASHAR (Rutgers) USA
Kunsoo PARK (Seoul National U.) Korea
Yale N. PATT (U. Texas/Austin) USA
Fabrizio PETRINI (Pacific Northwest National Lab.) USA
Cynthia A. PHILLIPS (Sandia National Lab.) USA
Beth PLALE (Indiana U.) USA
C. Greg PLAXTON (U. Texas/Austin) USA
Sushil K. PRASAD (Georgia State) USA
Geppino PUCCI (U. Padova) Italy
Patrice QUINTON (U. Rennes) France
Sanguthevar RAJASEKARAN (U. Connecticut) USA
Sanjay RANKA (U. Florida) USA
Lawrence RAUCHWERGER (Texas A&M) USA
Alexander REINEFELD (Zuse Inst.) Germany
Adi ROSÉN (The Technion) Israel
Subhash SAINI (NASA Ames) USA
Pascal SAINRAT (U. Paul Sabatier) France
Christian SCHEIDELER (Johns Hopkins) USA
Christian SCHINDELHAUER (U. Paderborn) Germany
Karsten SCHWAN (Georgia Inst. Technology) USA
Peter SLOOT (U. Amsterdam) The Netherlands
Per STENSTROM (U. Chalmers) Sweden
Quentin F. STOUT (U. Michigan) USA
Michela TAUFER (U. Texas/El Paso) USA
Patricia J. TELLER (U. Texas/El Paso) USA
Denis TRYSTRAM (U. Grenoble) France
Dean TULLSEN (U. California/San Diego) USA
Mateo VALERO (U. Politècnica de Catalunya) Spain
Jeffrey VETTER (Oak Ridge National Lab.) USA
Uzi VISHKIN (U. Maryland) USA
Charles WEEMS (U. Massachusetts) USA
Uri WEISER (Intel) Israel
Li XIAO (Michigan State) USA
Zhiwei XU (Chinese Academy of Sciences) China
Yuanyuan YANG (SUNY/Stony Brook) USA
Albert Y. ZOMAYA (U. Sydney) Australia

IPDPS 2006 was a fantastic success & we look forward to seeing you in 2007. The 2007 Call for Papers will be posted shortly.

In the mean time, please download the slides presented by the TCPP Reception Speaker, Randy Moulic from the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
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