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Friday, April 27th, 9 AM - 4 PM

Grid Computing, Globus, and Java Interface to the Grid 

Gregor von Laszewski
Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago

Those wishing to get an introduction into Grid computing and those who want to learn more about Java and Grid computing.

50% Introductory | 50% Intermediate


   A. General introduction to the Grid
   B. Grid programming with Globus
   C. Grid programming with Java

Grid computing technologies enable controlled resource sharing in distributed communities and the coordinated use of those shared resources as community members tackle common goals. These technologies include new protocols, services, and APIs for secure resource access, resource management, fault detection, communication, and so forth, that in term enable new application concepts such as virtual data, smart instruments, collaborative design spaces, and metacomputations. In this tutorial, we teach review applications that are motivating widespread interest in Grid concepts within the scientific and engineering communities. Then, we describe the Globus Grid architecture that has been adopted by many Grid projects, focusing in particular on our security, resource management, and data management technologies. In the second half of the tutorial we introduce a Java library that enables to build sophisticated client applications utilizing the basic Grid services.

Gregor von Laszewski is an assistant research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. His research interests are the utilization of commodity technologies in distributed and parallel computing, as well as, the development of the novel use of parallel computing in scientific applications. He has been part of the Globus project since the very early stages. He received a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

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